28,0000 People! More than 10 billion yuan of intention turnover!

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28,0000 People! More than 10 billion yuan of intention turnover! The Second China International Consumer Products Expo hit notable results!
On July 30 witnessed the official closure of the Second China International Consumer Products Expo(hereafter referred as CICGF) with a total of 1,955 participating companies from 61 countries and regions (including 1,107 in the international exhibition, and 848 in the domestic exhibition) taking along more than 2,800 consumer boutique brands (including 1,643 in the international exhibition and 1,200 in the domestic exhibition). As a whole, there were over 280,000 audiences attending, among which, all kinds of purchasers and professional audiences accounted for 40,000, thus painting a beautiful picture scroll of display communication and win-win cooperation.  

 1 "Opening-up" measures under the complex international situation

Since the dawn of this year, the complex international situation has brought many difficulties and challenges to the development process of all countries in the world. The second CICGF, originally scheduled for April, was also postponed due to the epidemic and other reasons.

However, it turned out that delay didn’t mean retreat. On July 25, the second CICGF was officially opened in Hainan. Since then, a large number of international enterprises and guests have participated in the exhibition to jointly conduct trade exchanges and communication from consumer goods. Through this platform, China is releasing an "opening-up" mark in the complex globalization situation.

During the five days, more than 2,800 participating brands from 61 countries and regions around the world actively made the "first show" around the theme of "sharing the opening opportunities, creating a better life", displaying their products. France, as the guest of honor of this Expo, has brought nearly 250 brands from 50 enterprises, among which L'Oreal Group specially set up booths to show its 19 boutique beauty makeup brands. Besides, Pierre Fabre Group also brought many new products, and actively negotiated with visitors and purchasers to share the development opportunities brought by cooperation.

"CICGF is the first national exhibition in China with the theme of fine consumer products, which, for us, is a symbol of high-quality consumption and a signal of the further opening up of the Chinese market. We also hope to take this opportunity to strengthen our cooperation with our industry partners and find more business opportunities."said Fabrice, president of L'Oreal in North Asia area and CEO in China.

Statistics show that during the 26th to the 28th, the current expo has reached a total intention turnover of more than 10 billion yuan, covering biotechnology, service consumption, furniture life and other categories.

 2 Voice out a sustainable development from the "CICGF"

Moreover, the expo also actively practiced and promoted the concept of sustainable development. From the venue construction to the setting of sustainable consumption experience space, and to the supporting activities like the Second sustainable consumption summit forum and others, which all confirm that the Expo focuses on "green", "environmental protection" and other keywords, echoing the national "dual carbon" goal (carbon peak and neutrality).

With the principle of "green exhibition, low-carbon assemble", corresponding measures were taken from various aspects such as participation, construction, travel, catering, data management, etc, comprehensively nourishing a green and low-carbon exhibition atmosphere. By virtue of  information technology services, the CICGF APP was developed, abandoning a large number of traditional paper publicity pages and materials. In addition, taking the lead to organize the exhibition hall building units, operators and related service providers to sign the "Second China International Consumer Products Expo Proposal", it encouraged all parties to adopt green and low-carbon design and construction materials, raise environmental awareness, and devote to a green and low-carbon exhibition. In selecting the overall image production materials, low-carbon and environment-friendly materials accounted for more than 90%. In terms of travel, the expo also vigorously advocated public transportation and new energy travel modes, and promoted low-carbon travel.

This Expo has specially set up a sustainable consumption experience space enabling Chenguang Stationery, L'Oreal China, Dell, China Resources Breweries, Lee Kum Kee and many other enterprises to show their green exploration in product materials.

The appeal for green development from the Expo is becoming increasingly supported by well-known companies around the world. At the first Expo in 2021, the Global Sustainable Consumption Initiative was launched, which became an important constitution for the Expo to promote consumption upgrading and sustainable development. A year later, in the Second sustainable consumption summit forum held in 27, L'Oreal, JD logistics, Trip group and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad joined the global sustainable consumption initiative. They will launch sustainable consumption and production commitment and appeal in each filed,  and voice for the initiative again, thus giving their respective industry a green shot in the arm.

Besides promoting cooperation and exchanges, guiding green development has become another bright achievement of this Expo.

The organizing committee of the Expo also donated jointly with Burberry, Tapestry and other international brands and institutions to carry out public welfare projects in the fields of restoring ecosystems in important ecological function zones and protecting tropical rain forests, mangrove ecosystems and biological habitats on the island in Hainan. Furthermore, the participating brand Qeelin also designed and launched the Hainan gibbon solitary product jewelry "Bo Bo" for an online auction. The proceeds will be donated to the Hainan Forestry Bureau to support the protection of the Hainan tropical rain forest and the Hainan gibbon.

 3 "Hainan opportunity" under the construction of the free trade port

The grand event held in Hainan has not only provided momentum for the global economic recovery, but also development opportunities for Hainan.

As the forefront of high-level opening-up in China, Hainan is aiming at constructing a free trade port, forging a explicit banner and an important opening door leading the opening-up in the new era, and building an international tourism and consumption center with consumption as the main engine. When Hainan was facing an important issue of how to promote industrial quality and efficiency improvement and market volume upgrading, the Expo based on Hainan just became a bridge between Hainan and the global enterprises of quality consumer goods, thus providing an approach for Hainan to show itself.

After Hainan held the last expo, more and more international well-known enterprises have realized the importance of Hainan domestic tourism retail destination, as well as its location advantages of relying on the domestic market and free trade port policy system, and the market potential it shown. They pay close attention to the development change of Hainan market environment, looking for opportunities to further deepen cooperation.

After the opening ceremony of the second CICGF, the luxury goods group LVMH (LVMH) Group and Haikou Comprehensive Free Trade Zone signed a memorandum of cooperation, landing the LVMH Fragrance and Cosmetics China Tourism Retail Supply Chain Center in Haikou Comprehensive Free Trade Zone. For this landing, Wu Yue, president of LVMH, said that he preferred the policy superposition advantage of Hainan’s "free trade port + comprehensive protected zone", the growing offshore duty-free market and the location advantage that can radiate China's tourism retail market.

Meanwhile, L'Oreal group is also very concerned about the trend of the Hainan duty-free market. During the Expo, Fabrice, president of L'Oreal in North Asia area and CEO in China, also made a special trip to the duty-free shops in Haikou for an on-the-spot investigation , so as to understand the situation of the tourism retail market in Hainan.

Facts have revealed that Hainan's centripetal force is becoming increasingly prominent. The relevant person in charge of the global boutique (Haikou) tax free city said, L'Oreal Group, Eternal Group, Coty Group, Kose Group, Casio Group, TUMI, Shede and other domestic and foreign enterprises have launched business negotiations with them in the expo to seek the possibility of cooperation and development in Hainan market. Moreover, Karl Lagerfeld, the French fashion designer brand also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with them to accelerate the exploration of Hainan consumer market opportunities.

"Hainan is the gold center of the Asia-Pacific market, backed by the strong market in mainland China, radiating to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asian markets, and with excellent tourism resources and policy preference. Today, Hainan is speeding up the construction of a free trade port. Its continuously optimizing business environment, the vigorous development momentum and the strong potential energy are all attractive to us." Caroline Andreotti, executive vice president of global tourism retail business of Coty Group, who attended the expo, spoke directly about the importance of the Hainan market.

It is worth mentioning that this expo has also created opportunities for Hainan enterprises and brands to show themselves and expand the purchase and sales channels. Statistics from the Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce show that, on July 26-28, the Hainan Pavilion  received delegations from 19 provinces and municipalities and the Canadian Consulate in Guangzhou. There were more than 10,000 people attended the exhibition, and some Hainan enterprises also received orders of hundreds of millions of yuan, forming a platform for Hainan famous and special products to "go out". Haikou, Sanya, Dongfang, Changjiang and other cities and counties in the province also held special signing meetings, promotion meetings, fashion shows and other types of activities during the expo to display their own development potential and unique resource advantages, further docking with well-known enterprises and merchants at home and abroad, undertaking the spillover effect of the consumer expo, and winning more opportunities for future development.

Markets and business opportunities always exist, and cooperation and development always continue. At the first intention signing ceremony of the exhibitors of the third CICGF held on October 30,31 domestic and foreign enterprises, including Taipeqi, Karl Lagerfeld and so on, took the lead in signing a contract with the organizing committee of the export again, intending to participate in the third CICGF. L'Oreal, Coty Group, Baume & Mercier and other international groups are satisfied with the results of the expo, and hope to have a larger area of booth next year, so that they can show up with more products and make good use of the expo platform in Hainan to show the products and image of enterprises.

"We have even more ambitious goals. By virtue of the expo, we wish to forge Hainan gradually into the world consumer boutique display and trading platform through project planning, and to invite more domestic and foreign enterprises to enjoy the major opportunities and policy dividend in Hainan, so as to achieve the objective of purchasing from the globe and selling to the globe,” said the relevant person in charge of the organizing committee of the second expo," The development opportunities of Hainan is thriving, and CICGF will never end.”
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